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Sergio Peresson Violin

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Bow repair and rehair services are available for violin, viola, cello, and bass bows.
We can restore / repair
your violin, viola, cello, and bass.
Our Luthier has been praised by many string instrument experts, as seen in article below!  

Violins, and Members of the String Family, are Famous for being Old and Beautiful with the best sounds available in the market.

Why not visit Duffy Rare Violins for an opinion at no charge, as to what can be done to
make your old instrument speak with a glorious voice and present itself as a work of art. 

You may find that making a purchase for a new instrument is not necessarily the wisest choice.

All Instruments Personally set up by our LUTHIER Dale Cockrum

When should I change the hair of my bow
Violin bow rehaired
There is no specific time frame for the rehairing, this will depend to a large extent on the hours of study and some other factor that we explain below.
Here are some clues that would suggest you need new hair on your bow:
1. Too many broken hairs on one side.
If we observe too many broken hairs on the same side of the bow, when we tighten our bow will be producing an uneven tension that could deform the curvature of the rod.
2. Humidity and ambient temperature.
In areas with a marked contrast between the seasons of the year is common the change of hairs in spring and autumn. It is possible that the appropriate length for the dry season is too long for a more humid and wintry season. Hairs that are always in tension can even cause the rod to break near the head.
3. The hair is very dirty or with excess resin.
We must avoid, as far as possible, the direct contact of our hands with the hair, in this way we will significantly extend its useful life. In the same way it is important to be restrained in the application of the resin on the manes in order not to wear them uselessly. In turn, the excess resin ends up producing strident or anomalous sounds when interpreted.
4. If we can not tighten the bow.
With use, the hairs can be stretched so that the travel of the screw is not enough to tighten our bow. In the arches of carbon fiber is quite common: the fiber rod is more robust than the wood and produces a greater elongation of the hair.
5. If you can not undo the bow.
In this case it is very likely that the hair will be too short. This may be due to a sudden change in the ambient climate or to the fact that in the last enclosure the luthier has left them excessively short. 
If you observe any of these symptoms it is advisable that you contact your luthier and with your advice consider replacing the mane.
There is widespread belief that it is possible to clean them with alcohol, which is not appropriate. The explanation is very simple: the rosin or resin with which we impregnate the bow hair is dissolved in alcohol. If we use this product to clean them, what we get is that the manes will cake to form a kind of paste and therefore we will get a bad performance of the bow.
From our experience, we can affirm with total certainty that there is no really effective remedy to clean the bow hair.
It is therefore a consumable that, at the time of its wear, we must replace for the proper operation of our bow and to obtain an adequate sound response of our instrument.


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