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Sergio Peresson Violin

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Minnesota Youth Symphonies

The Minnesota Youth Symphonies (MYS) orchestral training program is modeled after the best music conservatories in the world with the goal of educating the whole musician. The orchestras perform 3 major concerts each season at prominent concert venues in the Twin Cities for audiences of over 4,000 classical music patrons, family and friends annually. All four MYS orchestras rehearse at Highland Middle School (975 Snelling Ave S, St. Paul) on Saturday mornings September through April. 

Symphony Orchestra

Conducted by Manny Laureano (collegiate level)
Literature includes works with artistic challenges for the collegiate-level player. Sectionals explore, in-depth, the interpretive and more complex aspects of orchestral music. Students in this orchestra also spend time sight-reading orchestral literature at each rehearsal. Compositions are commissioned and premiered. The annual Symphony Solo Competition, open only to students in this orchestra, features the winning soloist in concert with the Symphony Orchestra. String seating is rotated each trimester. Brass, woodwind and percussion usually rotate from piece to piece.

Adress: 790 Cleveland Ave S, Suite 203, St. Paul, Minnesota 55116

Phone: (651) 699-5811


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Greater Twin Cities Youth

Led by professional conductor and educator Mark Russell Smith, Symphony is GTCYS’ premier orchestra which masters major repertoire, including full symphonic works, in a supportive and conservatory-like setting. With its own concert series and professional style performance opportunities, Symphony attracts the best young musicians in the region. String players in Symphony have an average of 7 to 12 years of experience and winds/brass/percussion students have typically been playing their instruments for 5 to 8 years. Special artistic projects, sectionals, retreats, social activities, and extra opportunities provide a well-rounded and transformative experience which develops students’ musical, leadership, and lifelong skills.

Adress: 408 St. Peter Street, Suite 300 St. Paul, MN 55102

Phone: (651) 602-6800


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Minnesota Orchestra

Orchestra Hall, one of Minnesota’s cultural and architectural touchstones, opened in 1974 as the home of the Minnesota Orchestra, and since then has drawn upwards of 10 million people to its concerts. The Hall, located in downtown Minneapolis, is particularly renowned for its acoustics, originally designed by Cyril M. Harris. Each feature was planned to enhance the warmth and richness of sound in the space: the 100-plus large cubes that form a distinctive “falling rock” pattern on the auditorium ceiling, dispersing sound throughout the Hall; the wood floor and stage that enhance sound vibration; and the angle of the balconies, offering optimal reflection of sound. The acoustically brilliant space provides a superb aural experience

Adress: 1111 Nicollet Mall Minneapolis, MN 55403

Phone: (612) 371-5642 


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How to buy the correct violin size?

Start measuring at the neck, stop the measurement in the middle of the palm.

How to buy the correct viola size?

Start measuring at the neck, stop the measurement in the middle of the palm.